Complete-Tax Deluxe Reviewed

Complete Tax Deluxe easily handles investments step-by-step to get you the maximum refund!
It has everything you need to report your stock market activity, contributions to retirement plans, & income from pre_tax savings accounts. Plus, Deluxe supports important credits to ensure you are receiving the biggest refund.

Faster Refunds
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Complete-Tax Deluxe supports: 

Any 1040 form 
Capital gains/losses from stock bond & mutual fund sales 
Retirement Savings Contribution Credit
Withdrawals from pre_tax savings accounts
Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit 
Charity Deductions calculator

Complete-Tax Deluxe also includes at no extra charge: 

Auto_importing of last year's Complete-Tax return 
Advanced Help features 
W-2 & stock/bond transaction importing 
CharityDeductions® non-cash donation valuator 
One technical support chat session included! 

"My return is more complex. I sold some of my stock & cashed out some pre-tax savings accounts."

More advanced life stages for those with investments and/or retirement income.

"I know I am getting the biggest refund!"
Put the power of a CPA at your fingertips!
Powered by the software that is the #1
choice of CPAs & tax professionals!

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