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Turbo Tax Home & Business Reviewed

TurboTax Home and Business will give you the biggest tax savings if you are a sole proprietor, consultant, contractor or single. owner LLC.

Three Simple Steps:
1. TurboTax guides you through your taxes with extra help  
    for first.time users.
2. Maximize personal & business deductions.
3. Gets your refund faster with e-file

Most Amazing Invention Since...

Pros: Easy, Reliabe, Accuracy, Security... 
Cons: NONE! 

"I was turned to TurboTax by a friend in 2008. 
It is the best invention since...I DON'T KNOW WHAT! 
This is my third time using Turbo Tax and this is the 
third time that I am 100% satisfied! Thanks Turbo Tax...
you make the task of filing your yearly taxes easy!"

Made a complicated return simple!

Pros: "Step-by-step process easy to follow, detailed explanations at a click" 
Cons: "None" 

"My personal circumstances changed in 2009. 
I was laid off in late 2008, received a lump-sum severance payment [that was heavily taxed], rolled-over my pension & 401K monies, and started my own business. I was not looking forward to doing my tax return because I knew it would be complicated.

The process was so simple with TurboTax. From the home page, they offered a detailed explanation of their different products, so I knew exactly which one was right for me. 
I filed with them last year, so all my data was rolled over to this year's return.

Their "GPS system" took me step-by-step through each part of my return. Along the way, I could click on links for more detailed information about why I needed to provided certain information, what the IRS rules are, 
or what I needed to keep on hand in case I am audited.

The community Q&A was very helpful. I had a question about rolling over my 401k & pension money and I found my answer in the community section. It is reassuring to have that extra support and it is free!

I recommended TurboTax to one of my friend who was recently divorced and doing her tax return for the first time. She was nervous & wanted to hire an accountant, but I suggested she try TurboTax first and that she did not have to pay anything until she was ready to file. If she was still unsure about filing her own return, she could go to a CPA. 
Needless to say, she filed with TurboTax. She said it was easy & all the support gave her the confidence to file her return on her own!"

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