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Turbo-Tax is the #1-rated, best selling tax software online.
Prepare your tax return easily & e-file your income taxes online fast!
This software has all the features in TurboTax Basic and guides you step-by-step through medical expenses, mortgage interest, charitable contributions, education expenses and much more.
Top 6 Reasons to Choose TurboTax...

It is Easy
It is Fast
You Will Get the Biggest Refund
You Are Never Alone
Reduce Risk
#1 Rated Safe & Secure

Never Overpay Again!

Pros: Thorough yet simple!

"I have been a Quicken & Tubo Tax user for years.
I used to go to a tax preparing service when I was married,
owned a home & itemized several deductions.
The last year we were married, we used Turbo Tax Online
and did all the same work in a small amount of time with
the same refund amount as before! The difference was that
we did not pay between $200 & $400 dollars to do what we
should have done all along...our OWN taxes!

I will always recommend these products for anybody who wants a simple, safe way to track & control their finances!"

Worth the cost versus time savings

Pros: Easy, accurate, fast refund, confidence

Cons: Could not accept capital loss carryover info

"I thought the process was very simple and self explanatory. I did in five hours this first time what normally takes me about sixteen hours, thanks to the downloading & processing of capital gains and losses regarding stocks. 
I didn't compare manually, but I believe my refund was improved. This brings the only negative I have about the program. 
After entering capital carryover losses from last year, the program did not include this number form 1040 line 13... I even attempted editing this, and still no luck. I felt there was no way of calling someone for technical support.
I must figure how to get this entered next year or change this years
so I can get this refund benefit, which would have added about another $400 to my refund"


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