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Learn about the Kentucky State Taxes right here


Calling Kentucky State residences and visitors, here are the Kentucky State taxes that you be aware of. Find out which Kentucky State taxes you are charged from and which are not taxable. Read below to know more about the Kentucky State taxes.

For those who would like to know about the sales tax of the Kentucky State taxes, the prevailing rate is at 6 percent. At the same time, a use tax of 6 percent is also due for out of state purchases that were consumed, used, or stored in the state of Kentucky.

One of the most important Kentucky State taxes for the state’s residents is the income taxes. The Kentucky State taxes make use of six income brackets with rates ranging from 2 to 6 percent. All residents and non-residents who earn from Kentucky resources are subject to Kentucky State taxes. Below is the breakdown of tax rates for the six income brackets regardless if filed separately or jointly with a spouse, etc:

• 2% on the first $3,000 of taxable income.
• 3% on taxable income between $3,001 and $4,000
• 4% on taxable income between $4,001 and $5,000
• 5% on taxable income between $5,001 and $8,000
• 5.8% on taxable income between $8,001 and $75,000
• 6% on taxable income of $75,001 and above.

Like other states, the state of Kentucky follows the due date of 15th of April every tax year. However, adjustments and extensions are sometimes provided.

For retirees from federal, state, and local government, or those who receive U.S. Railroad retirement board benefits, the pension income exclusion is up to $41,110 as of the year 2006. You may check the latest rate from their official website.

Note that inheritance is taxable in the state of Kentucky. At the same time, estate tax is related and limited to the collection of the federal estate tax. Intangible personal properties are also charged with taxes by the State of Kentucky. This can include money market accounts, bonds, trusts, annuities, interests, loans to stockholders, notes, etc. This is filed separately on the 1st of January to May 15 each year.

The state of Kentucky does not provide a low-income tax credit but provides a family size credit in which the amount is based on the federal poverty level or size of the family. Individuals as well as married couples with modified gross income of less than 133 percent of the threshold amount can claim for this credit. The threshold amounts as of 2006 are as follows:
• $9,800 for a family of 1
• $13,200 for a family of 2
• $16,600 for a family of 3
• $20,000 for a family of 4 or more

Personal and real property taxes also form part of the Kentucky State taxes. There are varying rates based on different factors like type of property, etc. Please check their official website to determine the rate for your properties.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of Online Taxes. Her website Taxes Exposed provides a wealth of information on everything you will need to know about State Taxes. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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