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´╗┐Provisions of Texas Sales Taxes


Unlike some states, Texas has some additional provisions in within Texas sales taxes. For example, Texas sales taxes command a rate of 6.25 percent, however, local governments and use taxes can accommodate another two percent, making the potential tax 8.25 per cent. Medicines, produce, meats, bakery products, and some other food items are exempt from Texas sales taxes, however, Texas also has a use tax that is equal to the sales tax and applies to items bought outside of Texas and brought into the state. Many states allow residents to buy items in other states, and be exempt from taxes, especially if the resident picks up the product in the state of origin. Unfortunately, Texas is not one of those states and still requires a use tax on certain things brought into the state from another state. Items that are exempt use tax are those used in production or post production such as cameras and camera accessories, film, and other similar items. Some items are not qualifying items for exemption even if they are used in motion picture production such as motor vehicles and trailers, director's chairs, hand tools, gas cans, ladders, shipping cases, and battery chargers.

Texas sales taxes can be very complicated when it comes to items that are exempt from use taxes, so if you're not sure, it's always best to ask an accountant or tax advisor. After all, you don't want to eliminate something that is not qualified and end up paying a penalty. It is much simpler to ask your accountant questions about Texas sales taxes so that you know you are doing the right thing. It is also a good idea to always stay informed since laws are subject to change frequently, and you may miss the notification. This is especially true of municipalities that may not have previously had a sales tax and decide to add one. If you are not aware of the change, you will be charging your customers the wrong rate on sales taxes, and thus, you will have to pay the difference when you submit your taxes to the taxing authorities. Though rare, there is also the possibility that a tax will be lowered or eliminated.

Always remember as a business owner to keep up with all of the current tax laws and provisions. Your knowledge of this will allow you to operate your business efficiently and prevent you from overpaying or underpaying on any of your taxes, including Texas sales taxes. The more informed you are, the less likely you are to make an error that is going to cost you a penalty or create a refund that isn't necessary.

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