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´╗┐Creating Natural Disaster Relief Funds from State Sales Taxes


Whenever there is a natural disaster in your state or those surrounding you, we always hear that no one has money to help the victims without the aid of the citizens. In reality, there are ways individual states have not even considered. One of those ways is creating natural disaster relief funds from state sales taxes. Since this fund is likely to be one of the largest funds because of its fluctuating nature, usually in an upward motion, it is the most likely of all state sources to be able to handle the financial burden of creating natural disaster relief funds from state sales taxes. These sources are less volatile than other funding sources because people always need to buy products and services, some of which they cannot eliminate no matter how low their funds are. For example, many states exempt foods you buy in the grocery store, but not all exempt the purchase of clothing and prescriptions. Thus, in many states, there is room for quite a hefty deposit in natural disaster relief funds from state sales taxes.

What about states that do not have a state sales tax? Since this only involves six states, it's obvious to see that the other 44 states can handle the funding, though some states may want to consider instigating a special states sales tax for the purpose of helping their neighbors with natural disaster relief funds from state sales taxes. Often times, even if citizens are opposed to a new tax, they will be receptive if they know it is for a good cause, and creating natural disaster relief funds from state sales taxes certainly fits into that category. Of course, you will need to gain their support and convince them that the tax is a temporary measure and stay with it or you will find the citizens opposing you at some later date.

Is it really feasible to use monies from state sales taxes to fund a natural disaster relief fund? Keep in mind that unlike other services the state may need to provide, disaster relief is not ongoing. It's something that you will want to have available to help your citizens, and on a lesser scale, helping those in other states as the need arises. Because it is for the most part a limited term need, it's quite feasible to utilize some of all of the funds from state sales taxes to funds such a necessary program. Creating natural disaster relief funds from states sales taxes is one of the most humanitarian efforts one state can do for another one.

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