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´╗┐Making the Choice with Taxes on Sales


When you have an additional fee with taxes on sales, you sometimes have to make a choice on whether something you wish to purchase is important enough for you to spend the money. It can sometimes be a hard choice to make but is one that you must accomplish in order to keep your budget in line. Is it really that important? Will it make that much of a difference? These are questions you must ask yourself, and if your answer is in the negative, you may need to reconsider the purchase you were about to make.

With the high cost of goods and services, everyone has to be careful with taxes on sales, especially those on a strict budget. Depending on where you live, that may be more of an important issue than others. For example, New York City will cost you eight per cent above the purchase price, but if you're in Canada, it can possibly cost you almost seventeen per cent with federal and provincial taxes. On the other hand, if you're one of the six states where a tax on sales is non-existent, it will not be an issue. One problem that exists for some people is that of going from a state with a tax on sales to one that does, especially if you are only going for a visit. You become used to giving the right amount of money for your purchase, especially if you are paying cash, so it doesn't enter your mind when you cross into a state where the existence of a sales tax is part of every transaction.

How do you avoid the extra cost of taxes on sales when your budget doesn't allow the extra expense? If you are surrounded by a state that doesn't have a sales tax, make it a point to make all of your purchases when you visit, or visit just to do your shopping, but make it a stop for everything you need but can't get in your home state tax free. For example, if you live in Maryland, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, you can go to Delaware and not pay taxes on sales. If you don't have friends or relatives, simply save up until you can make a day of it and purchase all of the items that you don't want to buy in your home state. By doing it that way, you can have the things you want without having to pay any sales tax to purchase them and without spending extra money in gas by traveling several different times.

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