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´╗┐Learning about Taxes on Sales of Homes Listed for Sale Today


Among all the different taxes with which we may come into contact, the least known is likely to be taxes on sales of homes for sale. Though we don't pay taxes on the house until it is actually purchased, it's important to understand the meaning of this tax commonly known as a real estate transfer tax. The amount varies according to not only the state where you live, but the county and city as well. Of course, not every city and county levies taxes on sales of homes for sale, but you will find every state does. Though for the purpose of this article, we are discussing real estate taxes, every type of property that involves processing a title (real estates, motor vehicles, motor homes, etc.) is subject to a transfer tax. The tax is set as a percentage of the sale of the property and is levied by the state, county, and city that process the change of title from the former own to the new owner. Certainly as buyers on the receiving end when it comes to taxes on sales of homes for sale, we see the tax as exorbitant, but we have no idea of the amount of work that is involved with a property transfer.

Transfer taxes are not the only taxes that occur when you buy a home. In addition, you will be faced with a property tax and school tax as well. These additional taxes on sales of homes for sale are usually included as part of your mortgage payment as long as you owe on your home. Mortgage companies, as a rule, do not like to leave these items in the hands of the borrowers because the taxing agencies will put a levy on your home, and even seize it, for unpaid taxes on sales on homes for sale. That would leave the mortgage company in a position to purchase the property in order to maintain their interest in the property. In order to avoid this potential loss, your mortgage company will usually insist on paying your property taxes out of your mortgage payment. Therefore, they will adjust the payment in order to allow for this charge and probably even your insurance payments. If the payments are not made on time, the lender has no one to blame but itself and must be responsible for any late fees that incur due to its negligence. It also prevents the homeowner from forgetting to pay taxes and insurance. Though you will have to resume doing that when your home is paid in full, that will be many years in the future.

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