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Florida Property Taxes – What You Need to Know


Florida property taxes are a local tax, administered, levied and collected by your local government. Your tax collector is responsible for distributing funds collected from your Florida property taxes to the budgets that are funded by them. These include local government, schools, water management districts and independent specialty districts. Florida property taxes are the largest governmental revenue source in Florida.

The county property appraiser is a locally elected official responsible for determining the fair market value of property in the area and verifying exemption eligibility. The fair market value of your home, as determined by the county appraiser is what is used as the basis for your Florida property taxes. Local government determines the millage rate required based on the budget needs and the overall market value of the area. For example, in areas where homes are worth more, the millage rate could be lower than in areas where homes are worth less. It’s all dependent upon the budget requirements balanced with the average home value. A new millage rate can be set each year. Local governments are required to notify the public and allow public attendance at meetings where the final millage rate will be determined.

Taxpayers who contest the value given to their home may appeal it to the Value Adjustment Board. You may also appeal to this board if you have applied for a property tax exemption and been denied. If your appeal is denied at the Value Adjustment Board level, you may appeal to the circuit court, where a final decision will be made.

Florida property taxes are billed around November 1 and are due no later than March 30. However, discounts are available for paying property taxes early. You’ll receive a 4% discount if your Florida property taxes are paid in full by November 30, a 3% discount if paid in full by December 31, a 2% discount if paid in full by January 31 and a 1% discount if paid in full by the end of February.

If your Florida property taxes are not paid, they become delinquent. Tax certificates are sold for properties that owe delinquent taxes. After two years, a tax deed may be sold for property on which taxes have not been paid.

The Florida Department of Revenue is responsible for providing forms required for property tax matters. Their personnel are also available to answer any questions you might have about your property taxes, tax exemptions, and what to do if you cannot pay your property taxes. Though local governments handle most aspects of property tax assessment and collection the Department of Revenue has oversight on all these matters.

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