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´╗┐Are Income Taxes Gambling Losses Good or Bad?


A lot of times when someone goes to file their taxes, they discover that they have more deductions that the average person; some of them good and some are not so good!

Many times when some individuals take their taxes to a professional tax company, they find that most people have in their income taxes, gambling losses. In fact, a lot times for their income taxes gambling losses help lower their annual income or amount owed.

When it comes to your income taxes, gambling losses do not have to be claimed. However, when you win any amount of gain must be claimed on your taxes. In fact, if you do not claim any of your winning, you can be prosecuted. It is against the law to not claim all of your income, even if it does come from gambling! When it comes to income taxes gambling losses and gains, there are several types of losses you can have. In fact, you may have gains or losses from the lottery, raffles, dog and horse tracks, and casinos. In addition, you will have to collect taxes on things that are won as prizes, as well, such as cars, boats, trips, or even homes.

Most often when people file their own income taxes, they are not aware that there is a spot on the forms for gambling write-offs; unless they have used it in previous years. However, when filing your income taxes gambling losses, there is usually a separate spot for putting your losses. In fact, on the forms they are usually put in line 27, on Schedule A (form 1040). However, when deducting your losses you cannot deduct more than your winnings. Therefore, if you go to a casino on a regular basis, it would be a good idea to keep a sharp record of what you make to what you lose; perhaps in a book of some sort.

When you have a professional file your income taxes for you, sometimes it makes you feel even worse to see the amounts that you won or lost were in someone else's hands, as well. By that, someone else will see what your income taxes gambling losses were, for the year. In fact, in some cases having a professional file their taxes for them, addicted gamblers come to face with their problems because they are so ashamed of what they spent! For many gamblers, that year is the last year they gambled!

Whether you are a regular gambler or occasionally go gambling, having gambling losses might help you during the tax season! However, you may want to make sure that your loses are not higher than your gains, because that may end up hurting you even more!!

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