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Do You Have a Minimum Income to File Taxes?


When it comes to filing income taxes, not a lot of people know that you must have a minimum income to file taxes. However, the government states that a person, whether they are single or married, must have a minimum income to file taxes.

Most times when people are working, they do not think of filing taxes. However, the government had even changed that. In fact, when it comes to making an income there is no way around paying taxes. Although, one good thing is that if you make only a small amount of money, you do not have to bother with filing the taxes. However, most individuals do file the taxes because there is always the possibility of getting a refund.

When it actually comes down to the minimum income to file taxes; the amount varies from state to state. However, the amounts are usually around the same ball park! Also, the minimum income to file taxes might change from year to year as well. The minimum income to file taxes in any given year is usually based on how much someone makes; under a certain filing status. When it comes down to the filing status, there are five different statuses; which are single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household, and widow or widower with a qualifying child. Depending upon your ages or disabilities, the requirements may also be a little more lenient.

The IRS also uses certain standards to determine to amount of taxes a person pays so that they don't get bumped up to the next higher tax bracket. In the current year, if you were to file taxes, the minimum income to file taxes would be as follows:
• Single- if you are under 65 your income should be at least $8,450; if over 65 your income should be at least $9,400
• Married filing jointly- if you both are under 65 the income should be at least $16,900; both over 65 income should be at least $18,900; if one is over 65 and the other not then that one income should be at least $17,900.
• Married filing separately- no matter what the age, if filing separately, you must each file a return if each income is at least $3,300.
• Head of Household- if under 65 then income should be at least $10,850; if over 65 then income should be at least $12,100.
• Qualifying widow/widower with a child- must have an income of at least $13,600 if under 65; if over 65 the income should be at least $14,600.

No matter what happens, the reasons why you are filing; you must make sure that you know how much you grossed. If you do not file when you made enough money, which could get you into real big problems with the IRS!

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