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Tax Forms Help: What Form Is Right For You?


Finding the right tax forms help could be a struggle. For many people, the forms that they need to complete the taxes for that previous year will arrive in January following the filing year. These forms are specific to you based on the qualifications that you had the previous year. If things have changed since them, such as you moving, increasing your income, having children or getting married, then you may not be able to use these same forms for the next year, even though they were sent to you. It is important to get tax forms help if you need it to find the right forms so that you can accurately file your taxes.

If you are filing your taxes on paper, then tax forms help is available to help you to find the right forms to work for you. There are a number of these forms that can be used, but here are some of the most commonly used ones and who is going to use them, most likely.

• Form 1040EZ: This tax form is the most basic and the simplest of them all. That does not mean that everyone should use this tax form though. It is only meant to be used by those that have no dependents, few deductions and limited incomes on their returns. It is the most basic of forms for the most basic of tax payers.
• Form 1040A: Unlike the last form, this one is the most commonly used. It is for those that have basic lifestyles including jobs, investments and other such incomes as well as common deductions, filing credits and other tax benefits. This form is going to work for married people as well as those that are single. It can be used to file jointly if married or to file separately.
• Form 1040: This is a similar form to the last expect that this one specifically outlines the deductions that you will take on that form. For those considering these tax forms help should be considered unless you understand how to take itemized deductions. If you are not taking the standard deductions on your taxes for this year, this form is going to be necessary to use.

Tax forms help can be found on the IRS website as well as through most tax preparation websites for those that have special circumstances and may need a different form from these that are mentioned. You will find that the information on who should use the form is listed in the form directions as well as on the top of each form itself.

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